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Safety Culture Training


Safety Culture Diagnosis
This is a critical tool to measure your Safety Culture and indicates your level of readiness to change. Prior to the start of any cultural change process it is important to understand the current situation. Our experience shows that even though most clients are convinced they can describe the current culture in detail and highlight the most significant challenges, many are surprised when the report is presented.

Major Accident Event Review
A Major Accident Event Review is aimed at a clear identification of root causes, contributing factors and pre-cursors. These can be established by reviewing past incident investigations and risk assessments. As part of the review process, ensuring the integrity of investigations and risk assessments is critical.

Once root causes, contributing factors, and pre-cursors have been identified, lead and lag measures should be identified to steward systematic improvement.

Strategic Planning
One of the challenges that many executives face is choosing what not to do. The essence of a successful strategy is thinking about a choice and choosing to stick with your thinking. We will work with you as thinking partners to challenge your thinking, cut through the noise and help you develop a practical and robust strategic plan.

Total Solution – Safety Blueprint
The journey towards safety excellence is a continuous and never-ending marathon, not a sprint. It starts with designing a clear roadmap that provides visibility around where you are today, where you want to be in the future and how to get there efficiently. This includes navigating barriers, leveraging from opportunities, knowing which indicators to track progress on and how to develop internal capability to sustain and re-generate success.

Process Safety Diagnosis
Our uniquely developed Process Safety Diagnosis assesses the current performance in process safety by applying a holistic and integrated method over four dimensions: Organisation Design, Asset Integrity, Operational Discipline, and People Factors.

It identifies exposures, strengths and opportunities for growth and provides a baseline from which to measure change and the impact of initiatives. The Process Safety Diagnosis provides internal and external benchmarking and identifies ‘hot spots’ for improvement.

Safety Leadership ScorecardTM
Our Safety Leadership ScorecardTM is a 180˚ feedback process that measures a leaders’ safety leadership effectiveness. Direct reports will be asked to provide feedback anonymously on 35 predefined behaviours spread over four competencies: Communication, Modelling Safe Behaviour, Monitoring and Intervention, and Giving Balanced Feedback. The report illustrates how a leader is perceived on the defined behaviours in comparison to other leaders. A 30-minute, one-on-one debrief session will complete the process. Read More

Safety Leadership Development

Training Programs

Safety Leadership Development for Executives & Senior Managers
Executives and Senior Managers have a significant impact on generating and driving safety culture. Our leadership program extends participant’s ability to influence people’s commitment, attitude and behaviour in safety and challenges them to drive a culture of care, trust, ownership and learning. Importantly, it focuses on what leaders can do to empower real substantial change.

Psychology of Risk
This program looks at how fatigue, anger, distraction and pressure influence our capacity to be focused, alert and think logically about mitigating risk to make the right decisions. Risk management often underestimates those human factors that compromise the effectiveness of those the process. Participants will learn and experience in a series of practical exercises how to recognise the precursors of at-risk behaviour and incidents and how to pro-actively avoid these.

Combat Complacency
Complacency is recognised as a significant contributor to workplace incidents, injuries and deaths. It is a form of reduced alertness due to a person’s increased experience, skills and knowledge. This is very different from the often-assumed link to attitude. We will assist participants to better understand the precursors and warning signs indicating complacency which will help them make safer choices at work, on the road and at home.

Safety Leadership Development for Operational Leaders
As a ‘frontline’ leader, you can be forgiven for feeling that you have little or no influence, or any ‘skin in the game’. Our program shows that leaders directly influence about 70% of an employees’ behaviour and that this can have a significant impact on generating and driving safety culture. The role of an Operational Leader in influencing safety culture and performance is critical.

Safety Leadership Development for Workforce
Whilst often not seen as leaders, operators are key in influencing their peers and others. They will experience what it means to lead and influence your safety culture. Using our framework of care, trust, ownership, and learning we empower employees to identify and control thoughts, feelings actions and reactions. By understanding and breaking through limiting mindsets, employees will be challenged to authentically own safety at work and home.

Executive Coaching

Coaching for Leaders and Teams

Executive Coaching
The Jonah Group provides robust and powerful Executive Coaching to support executives either in the context of their personal safety leadership journeys or on a more strategic level to achieve safety and other business outcomes. Engagements can be a one-off or a three or six-month process.The coaching methodology is unique and integrated. It focuses on self, team and strategy.

Individual and Team Coaching for Operational Leaders
Leaders have often been appointed because they are hard workers who have great operational knowledge and skills without them necessarily being great communicators, listeners, mentors and influencers. Unintentionally their demonstrated leadership styles can cause damaged relationships, distrust and low morale. Our coaching will move leaders to expand their influence from operational to strategic.

Internal Safety Coaches Program
This program provides HSE professionals and safety champions with the skills, knowledge and tools to enable them to effectively coach others to fully own safety because they ‘want to’ vs. ‘have to’. They become coaches and not just ‘fixers’, to be an enabler rather than to control. It is one of the most popular programs we offer, often demanded by clients to be rolled out to other leaders.


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