Jump Starting

Jump Starting

So, I’ve got some spare time. Well, technically, it’s not really spare time but more like time that has just been reallocated to me without notice.

I’m stuck at my sons football training session. Stuck? Yep thanks to a flat battery.

As it was raining, upon arrival outside the training ground, I decided to stay in the comfort of the car and do a bit of an inside clean out from the glove box and various other nooks and crannies where rubbish tends to accumulate. A long overdue job that I was pleased to have done (especially without being directed to by my better half!). Making excellent use of the time you may say.

I even found a stray lolly still in its wrapper which I happily chewed on as I completed my chore. With the windows starting to fog up I ran the fan for 15 minutes.

Little did I suspect that my good intentions were about to be repaid to me by way of the flat battery. And to put the icing on top of this particular cake I cracked a tooth on the lolly!!!!

So, I have some spare time whilst I wait for the man in the van to come and provide a jump start.

It got me wondering (well there was nothing else to do for an hour) about life and how much time we spend waiting for a jump start to get us going in the right direction.

How low is your battery? The one we take for granted until it runs so low it shuts down.

What can we start doing to differently to cause different and better outcomes?

Final thought is that the old me would have have got really uptight and stressed about the battery and the tooth. But I know enough now to realise that it gets me nowhere and puts me in an even worse headspace. And being like that doesn’t jump start anyone, does it?

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