Executives discussion forum on Human Reliability

Recently The Jonah Group hosted a cross-industry Executives discussion forum on Human Reliability. The intent was to support leaders to expand their thinking by creating the space for personal and real conversations which catalyse new insights.

As human beings we are wired to make connections from things we emotionally relate to. The more personal and real the story, the more impactful. Leaders either create space for others and new insights to show up or they take up space by asserting and dominating.

Ask a room full of CEOs and executives to define human reliability and you will get fifty shades of everything. It is a complex conversation, one we will continue to expand.

We’d like to thanks our incredible speakers – Peter Coleman from Woodside, Tim Wall from Incitec Pivot, Chris Judd Carlton Football Club and Brad Sewell ex Hawthorn Premier and ABC commentator for their open, authentic and ego-free stories.

A huge thanks to our sponsors Robert Kosova from QBE, Philip Mtanios from Priority Care, Richard George Virgin Australia and Morten Webb from Carlton in Business. Ask yourself – do you create space or take up space as a leader? Sometimes the most significant shifts start with one quality question … so what’s your next two degree shift?