Mental Health

Mental Health

Mental health is critical to business success.  If not addressed properly, it can result in excessive stress, anxiety, depression, trauma or even suicide. It also impedes decision making and can lead to increased human error. It is one of the biggest challenges facing workplaces.  Our team of global experts can help you create a mentally healthy workplace by tailoring programs to your unique organisational needs.

Training Programs

Training programs can be run face to face or online. Our online training is highly interactive and dynamic and suitable for high volume, remote workplaces. All programs can be tailored to meet specific needs in a flexible format. We can also run webinars.

Webinars are generally 45 min to two-hours and aim to support business leaders and their teams to create a mentally safe workplace. They can be tailored to your specific needs with up to 500 participants. Products available:

Level 1 – Individual access to pre-recorded webinars
Level 2 – Team access for up to 10 people
Level 3 – Tailored one-hour LIVE Webinar

Optional Extras:

  • LIVE Q&A post webinar with dedicated Mental Health Expert
  • Resource Toolkit – handouts and checklists and other material
  • Research Hub – verifiable up-to-date support services, access to assist online

Mental Health for Front Line Staff
2-hours for all Employees

This program provides all with a common language and capability to see and respond to mental health issues.

  • Defining a Mental Health problem
  • Identifying the signs and symptoms
  • Approaching a work mate
  • Where to go to for support
  • What support can you expect

Mental Health First Aider Certification
12-hours for WHS Professionals

This program certifies employees as a Mental Health First Aider.

  • Signs, Symptoms and problems
  • How to provide initial help
  • How to get professional help
  • What sort of help has been shown by research to be effective?
  • How to provide first aid in a crisis

Critical Incident Mental Health
4-hours for WHS Professionals

This program helps WHS professionals develop a critical incident mental health system integrated with existing processes.

  • What is a Mental Health critical incident?
  • How the workplace should respond
  • Role of the first responder and manager
  • Where to go to for support and when
  • Psychological safety of first responder

Emotional Regulation and Resilience
4-hours for all Employees

Emotional regulation is the conscious or non-conscious control of emotion, mood, and behaviours. This program is designed to develop people to more effectively to self-regulate their emotional wellbeing as they deal with life and work challenges.

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Training Programs
4-hours for all Leaders

This program equips leaders to know their responsibilities in mental health and lead high performing teams.

  • Legal obligations
  • Identifying the signs and symptoms
  • Boundary conversations
  • Performance vs. Risk Management
  • What support can you expect

RTW Mental Injury Approach
4-hours for all WHS Professionals

This program establishes a leading practice approach.

  • RTW Mental Injury Policy
  • What works and what doesn’t
  • What to say to an injured worker
  • When and what to say to their people
  • Organisational factors which help or hinder RTW

Strategic Planning and Design
2-hours for Executives

This session focuses on helping senior leaders develop a strategy based on leading practices in mental health.

  • Leading Practices in Mental Health
  • What does good look like for us?
  • Strategic Blueprint for Change
  • Your WHS obligations
  • Your role in driving change

Stress Management
2-hours for all Employees

This program moves beyond what you do in this hectic world and brings a level of presence and focus to who you are. As a result, you will become more conscious and mindful and, ultimately influence others more effectively.

Coaching for Leaders and Teams

All coaches are highly qualified in mental health, leadership and high performance. Coaching provides a safe space for leaders and their teams in times of change. It supports helps them understand, navigate and manage people risk to create a mentally healthy workplace. We offer four different levels of coaching:






Individual Leader Coaching 1 session 4 sessions 12 sessions 24 sessions
Team Coaching 1 session 4 sessions 12 sessions
Tailored Webinars 2 webinars 6 webinars
Resource Kit Unlimited Unlimited

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Consulting and System Design

Strategic Planning
We work with senior leaders as thought partners to develop a customised blueprint to create a mentally healthy workplace. This involved leveraging from leading practices and integrating current processes and initiatives to design a relevant and flexible blueprint.

Mental Health Maturity Diagnosis
Our Mental Health Maturity Diagnosis provides measures your current maturity, identifies your strengths and opportunities to develop. It includes internal and external benchmarking. It provides you with a clear baseline to measure change and steward the impact of initiatives.

Mental Health Job Risk Assessment
This tool assesses the mental risk associated with roles. It considers the general role and identifies people, environmental and systemic factors to ensure a mentally healthy workplace.

Policy and Systems Design
We help you develop policies, procedures and systems fit for purpose. This may include working from home policies, mental health management, mental health injury response plans. It may also include procedures, checklists and flow charts. We can leverage from our library of templates or tailor design them.

Mental Health Scorecard
Each leader receives a comprehensive personal report that measures their effectiveness leading mental health and benchmarks their scores against other leaders. They also receive a personal debrief on how to interpret your report to extract maximum learning.

Mental Health

Delivering healthier minds starts here.

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