14th Nov 2016

Got a complaint? Take it to the source, otherwise take it to the toilet

My grandmother was my friend, mentor and disciplinary angel. She was a phenomenal listener. She would often sit and listen sometimes for hours on end. However when I started to bitch, whine or complain, she would allow me a few minutes of ‘air time’ and then gently interrupt, ‘Nada, Stop. Rather than spend your time talking to me and recycling others wrong doing, stop – take it to the source so you can make a change or take it the toilet so you can purge where it will have no negative impact on you or others’.

Gossip, complaints and negativity breeds a negative culture of stress, anxiety, limited performance. At work, gossip is the root of dis-eased mindsets, absenteeism, presentism and depression. It starts with you. Do a self-check – the next time you start to whinge, whine or complain, make a choice: take it to the source or take it the toilet.

Lead by example and create a culture of no gossip. If you have a problem, take it to the source or take it to the toilet – talk to the loo, cry or yell and then hit flush … xx

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