19th Sep 2017

Mental Wellbeing with the Brain in Mind – Tasmania

Jimmy spent 3 days as part of the Tasmanian Government Employer of Choice Awards Roadshow to present on Mental Wellbeing in the workplace. Participants listened to the power of the brain in terms of beliefs and mindset, how we react, and how we can interrupt our reactions to move into response mode, and the power of commitment to action on mental wellbeing in the workplace.

Next steps include a webinar series and public ‘cluster’ programs to equip leaders with the tools and knowledge on how to support themselves and others around them.

27th Apr 2017

WayAhead on Mental Wellbeing in the Workplace

WayAhead on Mental Wellbeing

It was great to support the Mental Health Charity, WayAhead Workplaces, by speaking to their Brisbane network. Jimmy spent some time looking at Mental Wellbeing from a different angle using the brain and mind. As a result, participants were able to take some very practical actions back into their workplace to cause a shift in thinking. We are looking forward, ‘WayAhead’ forward, to continuing to support the WayAhead Workplace charity and also to their enthusiastic members.

11th Apr 2017

Elgas are no longer bottling it up


Bottled gas company, Elgas, held their annual Technical and Maintenance Conference in Victoria recently and Jimmy was delighted to attend as the keynote speaker on the subject of Mental Health in the workplace.

Senior leader and contractors were able to explore this critical subject over 2 highly interactive hours and work through what they will do differently as a result.

18th Feb 2017

Safework NSW Mental Health Awareness Breakfast Seminar

Safework NSW Mental Health

There was an impressive turn out of almost 50 leaders for the latest Mental Health Breakfast Seminar hosted in Sydney recently. Together we started the conversation on how we can make a difference in an area that we should all take responsibility for. Everyone walked away with a 2° Shift action plan on what they will do personally and within their organisation to make a difference. Let us know if you would like an ‘in-house’ session for your team or business unit.

27th Oct 2016

Safework NSW Mental Health Seminar, Bankstown

Last week we partnered with SafeWork NSW and City of Canterbury Bankstown Council to run a Mental Health in the Workplace seminar. During that afternoon, we looked at the personal & organisational costs of not addressing Mental Health and what we can do to move from reacting to responding. Everyone who attended walked away with a set of tools and a plan to tackle this subject. Feedback was overwhelmingly positive. There are a number of events planned during 2017.

28th Jul 2016

Senvion 2° Shift Renewable Energy Leaders Program

Recently one of our consultants, Don Marshall, had the opportunity to travel to the South Gippsland in Victoria to understand first-hand the challenges faced by one of Australia’s renewable energy pioneers.

Senvion Australia operate and maintain 52 wind turbines in a remote and challenging environment at Bald Hills, Tarwin Lower. Each turbine is 80m high and in a high wind environment, presents some unique risk management opportunities for the team of local Senvion technicians.

20th Jul 2016

2° Shift Safety Leadership Program

Another awesome day spent in Melbourne recently with 26 leaders from organisations across a diverse range of industries including Energy, Car, Transport,  Construction, Manufacturing, Food, Printing, Chemical, and Oil & Gas.

Together we discussed and discovered what it will take to make new breakthroughs in safety and wellbeing. We just love helping people to create a shift in thinking.

Here are some comments from participants:

“Great program which enables safe self-reflection and strategies to influence tools – much needed at a challenging time.”
“I think it is the right way to achieve a cultural shift in organisational safety.”

“Combines current research (positive psychology, neuroscience, mindfulness, etc.) into a well-integrated and meaningful way to promote personal growth / insight.”
“Challenged my own thinking and the realisation of the influence I have as a leader.”